Circular saw blade for wood, 200 x 32/30 mm, 48 hard-alloy teeth BARS

Product code: 73376
Brand БАРС

Categories: Sircular saws for wood

The BARS saw blades are designed for hand circular saws and light-weight machines. During manufacture of the BARS saw blades a hard-face (VK6) plate is used baking at high temperatures for a long time. The additional alloy elements introduced in the composition of the hard alloy provide for fine-grained structure and considerably increase wear-resistance. The bottom of the blade is thickened, made of tool carbon steel and quenched to the hardness 42 HRc. Silver (Ag) included in the solder increases durability of connection and shear resistance. High durability resource, possibility of repeated sharpening due to thicker hard-face plate.
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Brand БАРС