Gasoline generator DD950, 0.85 kW, 220V/50Hz, 4 l, manual start DENZEL

Product code: 94650

Categories: Generators

The DB950 generator is a mini power station capable to provide with power a camping, mobile trade point, country site. The max output of the generator - 850 kW; nominal - 750 kW. To compare: a modern TV-set consumes in average 100 W/h, an energy-saving lamp - 20 W/h. The generated main voltage meets the applicable standards of Russia: AC 220 V, 50 Hz and the constant voltage of 12 V. The capacity of the filling tank is 4.2 l. This amount of fuel is sufficient for continuous work of the DB950 generator for up to 6 hours. The fuel mixture consists of gasoline and oil for two-stroke engines in the proportion recommended by the oil manufacturer - 50/1. The generator is started using a handle. The evident advantage of manual start is absence of additional power sources requiring maintenance. The generator is equipped with one IP44 socket to connect consumers. The noise level during the generator operation does not exceed 57 dB which corresponds to noise produced by a working car. the features of a gasoline generator DB950: protective sensor for operation without oil; at low level of oil the sensor locks actuation of the generator; copper wires of the coils; working hours counter informing about maintenance; There is protection from short circuit on every socket. Due to considerable resource, the DB950 generator will be reliable supplier of power for many years.