Arc welding inverter ММА-200 Compact, 200 A, PVR 60%, diam. 1.6-5 mm Denzel

Product code: 94332

Categories: Welding equipment

The invertor unit MMA-200 from the DENZEL brand is designed for welding works. The model enjoys wide application during household works, at small enterprises and at car care stations. The unit is good at works with unstable electrical voltage: the MMA-200 is excellent at the mains voltage 150-220 V. A wide range of adjustment of the welding current (from 20 to 200 A) allows welding metal of up to 5 mm thick using the electrodes diam. from 1.6 to 5 mm. The functions of the DENZEL welding machine: 'Hot start' facilitating arc lighting. Protection from electrode sticking - 'Anti-Sticking'; Arc force. Stabilization of the arc burning. Features of the ММА-200 model: Weight of the welding machine - 9 kg. Tunnel ventilation. Protection against voltage drops. Available time - 60%. Precise and smooth adjustment of welding current. Welding rods 2 m. A LC display displaying the value of welding current. A convenient plastic case. Shoulder belt for easy transportation.