Flat paint brush "ENAMELS" 25*10 mm MATRIX Colour Line

Product code: 83350

Categories: "For purpose" brushes MATRIX COLOR LINE

Flat brushes of ENAMELS group are made of genuine bristle, the most suitable for this type of works. They are also recommended for FACADE WORKS and for certain works ON WOOD. High-quality genuine bristle, TOPS - at least 70%. The size and type of the bristle is selected mainly for the ENAMELS group of lacquers and paints. Plastic wedges prolong service life of the brush several times, prevent deformation of the tool at soaking. A unique adhesive formula of the epoxy resin fix the bristle when working with aggressive lacquers and paints. Any brush has the option of fixing it on a can with paint, painting bucket or a trough. All handles are designed for long-time works, so there is no hand fatigue during long painting works.
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