Flat paint brush "WATER-BASED PAINTS" 75*17 mm MATRIX Colour Line

Product code: 83385

Categories: "For purpose" brushes MATRIX COLOR LINE

Brushes for works with AQUEOUS PAINTS require improved quality of the tools, so Russian specialists developed special composition of the fiber: a mix of genuine and artificial bristle - an ideal solution for all painting works with lacquers and paints on water base. These high-quality brushes are also recommended at works ON WOOD. Bristle: PET, PBT, NYLON, genuine bristle (genuine hog's bristles at least 35-40%). TOPS 75%. Works with aqueous paints require improved quality of the tools; wear-resistance, elasticity and bristle memory. Splitting on the tips and TOPS are specially made to create immaculate painted surfaces. Plastic wedges prolong service life of the brush several times, prevent deformation of the tool at soaking. A unique adhesive formula of the epoxy resin fix the bristle when working with aggressive lacquers and paints. Any brush has the option of fixing it on a can with paint, painting bucket or a trough.
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