Pneumatic compressor, 2.2 kW, 350 l/min, 50 l DENZEL

Product code: 58081

Categories: Compressors

A pneumatic compressor from the DENZEL brand is designed to supply compressed air to equipment, plants and tools used at home. Use of the compressor allows considerable save of electric power and enhance efficiency of works. The compressor is capable to produce 350 l/min of air compressed to 8 atm; it is pumped in a receiver of the total capacity of 50 l. AC 220 V, 50 Hz is required for operation of this unit. The dimensions of the model - 710x350x670 mm, net weight - 35 kg. The compressor is equipped with the following means of control, monitoring and protection: a gauge to control the compressed air pressure; a pressure relay performing start/stop depending on the settings; a protective valve; autostart. The model is often used at car maintenance stations, in country houses or at part-time farms.